We like to show off our expertise because we've worked our asses off to get it. Actually, we like to show that off too.

We dream in code but think in business

Anyone can plug in existing pieces to create results that meet requirements, but we know that doing things the hard way is oftentimes the right way. We're architects and strategists who aren't afraid to dig into your legacy code or start from scratch to build a solution that will last.

We're gluttons for efficiency, champions of automation, and we devote ourselves to constant improvement.

We turn legacy into

Every company is now a software company. And your outdated enterprise software is holding you back. We'll analyze your bootstrapped legacy infrastructure and give it new life with a scalable service layer that's ready for whatever comes next.

  • 1Out with the old

    We'll peel off all the band-aids and strip away inefficiencies from your struggling legacy software, holding onto the vital pieces that keep your operation running.

  • 2In with the new

    Once we know exactly where you're coming from, we'll build a scalable middleware layer to help you get to where you want to go.

  • 3Up for the future

    With a flexible ecosystem and new development processes in place, you'll be ready to adapt to whatever devices and software come next.



Unlike other shops, we won't keep recommending the same language or method because it's the only one we know how to use. We understand a diverse set of skills and techniques and put them all together to find the best solution that works in or around your existing systems.

Gotta Keep it Automated

We use continuous integration methods to reduce merging discrepancies, and therefore build time and cost. By building off a common code base, running automation verification scripts and communicating with a constantly-updated, shared mainline, we remove the possibility of human error.

To Catch a Programmer

Yes, we have some of the most thorough and organized QA processes in the business, but we also work to catch mistakes before they become bugs. Peer code reviews mean no one's code can merge to the main project without someone else giving their approval.

The More You Know

Most companies boast about their continued education, but we're also invited to exclusive training sessions with Apple, Android and top hardware manufacturers. Then we share the love with peer-to-peer lunch and learns as well as Q&As and formal skillshare sessions.

Professional Playtime

Other shops will charge you extra so they can learn a new skill on your dime. But since we spend all of our free time playing with the latest toys, newest hardware and experimental new skills, we're always up to speed on what you might want next.

Yeah, we develop for that.

Anywhere software meets hardware, we can deliver. We architect solutions that create seamless experiences across everything from robots to XBOX to laptops.

Ideate. Iterate. Dominate.