We don't mean to
brag but...
How do you know if it’s what you want if you can’t see it with your own eyes? With this new tool for the Oculus Rift, that might not be a problem anymore.
Though Apple’s proximity technology the iBeacon has been proven quite useful in the retail industry, the technology hasn’t really caught on in other industries. In the meantime, some developers are happy to experiment with the technology in their own offices. Austin, Texas-based development studio Chaotic Moon is using the iBeacon technology to keep tabs on their interns.
A dev shop in Austin, Texas proves that if Apple’s proximity tech hasn’t caught on yet, it’s only for our lack of creativity.
It’s a unique take on VR gameplay, and one that allows for a more social gaming experience. Also, it’s a lot of fun.
 New technologies promise no-register checkout and smartphone coupons.