Only nerds and evil geniuses have labs. Luckily, We've
got both.


We’re more than a group of nerds breaking the latest gadgets. We live and breathe discovery and we disrupt conventions. We challege everything.


This is where we turn “Can we do that?” into “We just did.” We test and retest the concept to uncover new value beyond its original application.


Where most labs just ideate and present, we take it a step further and deliver the goods in any format from show-stopping to jaw-dropping.

We are thinkers, builders, designers, developers,
leaders, dreamers, doers,
oh yeah, and we're still
smarter than you.

Rules we live by

Question Everything

We question everything, research thoroughly and always bring it back to the primary objective.

Fail Fast

Get to the first failure, then start iterating. Because you learn more by doing than by guessing.

Invent, Innovate, Implement

We take new inventions and begin innovating. We implement a quick-turnaround solution and go-to-market strategies, because the proof is in the prototype.

And of course, we're going to show off a little

By the time you’ve heard
of it, we have a business
plan for it.


From the Austin American Statesman, Oct 13, 2013 The digital domain is creeping off our desktops and onto our bodies, from music players that match your tunes to your heart beat to mood sweaters that change color depending on your emotional state. There are even fitness bracelets, anklets and necklaces to track your calorie burning. At Chaotic Moon Studios, an Austin mobile software firm, developers and engineers are working on a competitive product to Google’s upcoming Google Glass — eyewear that can log onto the Internet. And they’re designing other wearable projects for several other customers, from apps to full-blown products. Chaotic Moon co-founder William “Whurley” Hurley said wearable technology will have as much of an impact as the smartphone revolution did a few years ago. “I think we’re about to enter a whole new phase in the next 12 months…16 months probably on the outside,” Hurley said. “There’s going to be a ...
"Falling Skies was the first app Turner Broadcasting System, INC implemented on Windows Phone. This application went from product concept to market in six weeks, with the first assisted viewing comic ever on the platform."

Ben Lee, Product Manager, Connected Devices, TNT