19 Jun 2015

creative technology jobsHere at Chaotic Moon Studios, we like to say we’re the best, and that’s because we hire the best. Now we’re excited to announce that we’re on the hunt for two creative technologists to join our talented team in Austin.

As a creative technology studio, creativity is an integral part of company culture on all fronts, but it’s a quality that’s most boldly embodied by the creative technologists on the studio’s BASE team. BASE serves as Chaotic Moon’s R&D hub and innovation lab, where some of the industry’s most brilliant and curious minds transform hardware and software into never-before-seen technology of consequence through collaboration, invention and the application of technical knowledge and design-minded thinking. (Think groundbreaking—and sometimes irreverent—projects like the Smart Cart, an autonomous shopping cart; a Taser drone with the capability to deliver 80,000 volts of electricity; and even a mind-controlled

The creative technologist position is a truly unique role that requires one to collaborate with different disciplines within the studio to deliver projects; create and test prototypes to demonstrate creative thinking; identify ways to utilize the latest technology; repurpose technology to discover new uses; act as a leader, both internally and externally, to inspire innovation among colleagues, clients and partners; and, in accordance with Chaotic Moon’s dedication to creating seamless user-centered technology, both ensure the best user experience solutions possible are being produced and pioneer new ways to enhance them further.

“We consider ourselves designers, artists and engineers,” said Chaotic Moon creative technologist Eric Schneider. “It’s a multifaceted role, a bunch of jobs rolled into one very unique position.”

For this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, a cookie-cutter candidate won’t do. We need someone inventive, hungry, ahead of the tech curve (with a desire to SHAPE the curve), and–of course–creative as hell.

“Before Chaotic Moon, I was looking at different roles I’ve had and what I wanted to do, and no jobs encompassed all these things” said Chaotic Moon creative technologist Matthew Murray, who joined the BASE team in January. “Then I discovered this role, and I realized it’s me. People who are right for this position will know it’s right for them.”

As Chaotic Moon continues to grow, expanding into Dallas and adding more employees, clients and projects, filling the creative technologist roles with the right people is more important than ever.

“If you have a history of taking things apart to see how they work, thinking of solutions for problems the world hasn’t seen yet, combining disparate technologies into mechanical marvels, or writing code that changes how we look and act in front of our personal devices,” said Eric Bee, co-manager of BASE, “we’d like to speak to you.”

For more information on the job, qualifications and how to apply, visit

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.