WHITE PAPER: Big Oil & Gas at a Technology Crossroads – How User-Centered Software Design Is Dividing the Pack

5 May


The way we work with data and analyze it has changed. No longer are we married to the keyboard. Mobile technology has changed expectations and has opened up new opportunities for problem-solving and innovation that didn’t exist 10 years ago. It is a world of big data analytics, and there is an opportunity to leverage data analytics to improve productivity in oil and gas (O&G). Currently underutilized, software has the power to revolutionize the entire business, from recruiting to sales to implementation. O&G companies need to innovate, and user-centered design is an excellent tool for guiding that innovation. O&G executives need to embrace new technologies for data visualization as a catalyst for business growth and human capital efficiencies. Those companies that do will find themselves in a competitive position to lead. Those that don’t will inevitably lose the war for talent and, ultimately, market momentum.


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