VR for Marketers: An Interview with Samsung’s CMO

27 Jun 2016

We’re not shy about our belief that VR is the future, and—as time passes and the tech progresses—it’s continuously evolving into a bigger and bigger part of our present.

For those not versed in virtual reality and its countless applications, it’s important to note that VR isn’t just for gaming (though we have made a pretty sweet VR game or two). The tech is being utilized in unique ways across all sorts of sectors. From creating Magic School Bus-esque experiences in the classroom and allowing doctors to hone their OR skills in situations that aren’t literally life-or-death, to cutting costs and mitigating risks in military training and reimagining the bedtime story experience, virtual reality is slowly seeping into everyone’s reality. And there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay.

And it’s not just industries that are being revolutionized by this technology, but the way companies within these industries can promote and present their brand, values and services. And—hey!—we’ve got a video for that.

In this short and sweet clip, Chaotic Moon’s John Fremont interviews Samsung CMO Marc Mathieu about how marketers can harness the power of virtual reality to better tell their stories, express their mission and connect with customers.

Check it out!