07 Aug 2015

Every project our BASE team embarks on at Chaotic Moon has a purpose: to start a conversation about technology and its potential, for better, for worse…and sometimes just for awesome.

And to that effect, the end goal for any foray into technology is always the same: to make the world a better place. Now with some of our projects, that intent is readily apparent. Take, for example, Project Sweet Tooth, the purpose of which is to revolutionize blood glucose monitoring through by integrating the diabetic’s testing kit into their phone case, allowing them to test more conveniently than ever.

However, some of our projects are a little…flashier…and the bigger story and real purpose behind them might not be as obvious. In this case, we’re talking about the golden boy of SXSW 2015, Tyrone the Drone. (And by golden boy, we mean our drone totally got banned by Austin police. But close enough.)

On Foundry, Chaotic Moon’s Marc Boudria breaks down the details of our epic spray painting/ silly-string shooting/ flame-throwing drone, which—in true Chaotic Moon fashion—implements divergent technologies to create something incredible with incredible potential, and to test the limits of what’s actually possible.

“Drone Tyrone is about pushing the utility aspects of drone and beacon technology,” said Chaotic Moon CEO Ben Lamm.  “We wanted to prove that you can use these vehicles for more than just aerial photography.”

Tyrone was partially inspired by another one of our drones, C.U.P.I.D. (Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone)…which may or may not have tased one of our interns (he volunteered, for the record). And while they may do different things, the original purpose of both C.U.P.I.D. and Tyrone was the same: to spark that conversation.

“For Chaotic Moon Studios, it’s always about pushing technological boundaries,” said Lamm. “We got a lot of flak for the taser drone, but we did that to start a real dialogue about citizen drone surveillance and submission. The technology was outpacing the legislation, and that event was a huge catalyst for public awareness and education.”

Get the dirty details on Tyrone the Drone here!