SXSW 2016: Good Times and Headlines

30 Mar 2016

CM_SXSW_RECAP-01While we focus on developing groundbreaking tech 365 days a year, South By Southwest is kind of our Super Bowl—and it just happens to take place right in our backyard. Throughout the Interactive portion of this year’s festival, reporters from media outlets all over the world flocked to Austin and our studio to talk about and experience our kick-ass SXSW projects, and…well, they had some pretty nice things to say.

(We’ve never been the modest type, but if we were, we’d be totally blushing right now.)

ENGADGET – Inside the mind-reading dream factory that is Chaotic Moon: It’s like Charlie’s chocolate factory with a data connection.

“For two weeks every March, Austin, TX, transforms into the media playground known as SXSW. Everyone from brands like McDonalds and Budweiser, to indie app developers descend on the city to share ideas big and small, serious and irreverent. Tucked away above a restaurant just off of 5th street, however, is a place where there dreaming never stops. That place is the HQ of Chaotic Moon — a digital idea factory that seems to exist for one simple reason: ‘What can we try next?'”
James Trew and the team from Engadget stopped by on Saturday and got their hands dirty trying out projects like Mockzy AI (“if you ever wanted to see (and hear) James Brown and Queen Victoria talking about how to grow carrots, or Ghandi discussing the merits of Hip hop versus Trap with Dickens then this is the tool for you”); Larí—our exploration of subvocalization—and Sentiri, the proximity-sensing haptic headband.
Oh, and they also featured us in their SXSW wrap-up. You know, in case you were wondering.

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THE DAILY DOT – I conquered a dragon in virtual reality and saw a wearable for the blind at SXSW


“The virtual reality projects showcased during SXSW were much further in development, and the immersive adventure was unlike any I had experienced before…The game world took over my senses, with giant headphones feeding audio of growling, fireballs, and other in-game noises that enhanced the experience. The motions to pick up objects to add to the weapon were so precise, I could see my virtual hand adding cranks and spears to it in virtual reality. Each time the dragon spit fire at me, I ducked instinctively…Unlike other VR tech I’ve tried that feels unnatural and slow, I actually felt like I was in a virtual box with the dragon. “

Selena Larson of The Daily Dot also came by to check out our projects and was particularly intrigued by both Sentiri and SlayTime, our puzzle-solving and dragon-slaying VR game. She even Instagrammed  her experience… #winning.

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NPR’S MARKETPLACE TECH – Wash your hands…or your shirt will tell on you


Ben Johnson of NPR’s Marketplace Tech set up shop in our R&D department, where he interviewed CM Creative Technologist Eric Schneider. Schneider talked about our exploration into Invisible UI, UnderCurrents, which are “smart scrubs” of sorts and send pre-programmed nudges to the wearer (in this case, a medical professional) when necessary to ensure they’re following protocol and performing necessary tasks. The result? Increased safety, less liability.

We always knew he had a face for radio.

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TWC  – Austin Based Chaotic Moon Represents at SXSW


On the Friday evening of South By, Adam Balkin of Time Warner Cable News stopped by during our happy hour to demo some of our sweetest projects. The end product is a fast and furious two-minute video segment that provides a quick, cool look at some of the work we’re doing—and gives a whole new meaning to the term TGIF.

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WAREABLE – Inside Chaotic Moon’s vision for Invisible UI in future wearable tech; This dragon slaying VR demo could prepare workers for dangerous jobs


“The home of those tech tattoos you were raving about, the heads of Chaotic Moon’s design and development studio in Austin, Texas let us have a tour of the latest weird and wonderful experiments in its R&D lab during this year’s SXSW. Aside from an awesome VR demo, the one thing they all have in common is that these projects have very little to do with prodding apps and settings on screens. Chaotic Moon calls this ‘invisible UI’ and it’s a smart future gazing approach that’s anticipating what comes after the smartphone in connected self innovation.”

Wareable’s Sophie Charara came to SX by way of the UK and wrote not only one, but two articles on the work we’re doing. (And mentioned one of our projects in yet another). One piece featured our deep-dive into the concept of Invisible UI and the idea of going beyond the screen (an idea that was championed by our Director of Strategy, Greg Carley, via his official SX talk), while another focused on SlayTime and the way a fun VR game could have some serious real-world applications and serve as a way for employees to train for dangerous and fast-paced work environments.

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FORTUNE – This Startup Created Software That Can Read Your Mind


While we wouldn’t consider ourselves a startup per se, the folks at Fortune did a killer job of producing, in video form, a brief synopsis of most of the SXSW 2016 Chaotic Moon creations that’s sure to spike your curiosity…and, naturally, blow your mind.

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AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN’S 512TECH – What Austin’s Chaotic Moon was up to during SXSW 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.48.09 PM

“Perhaps the tech that most intrigued me was Mockzy AI, an artificial intelligence demo that takes all of the writing of a famous person (say Shakespeare), then makes conversations with users in the voice of that person. It’s an idea right out of “Black Mirror,” and a little creepy, but you can imagine the fun possibilities of being able to talk with authors and philosophers of the past, or, say even current political candidates based on their autobiographies and Tweets.”

The Statesman’s resident tech expert (techspert, perhaps?) Omar L. Gallaga also came by to try out and talk about our tech. His rundown provides another insightful overview of what we’ve got going on. We suggest you check it out…this guy knows a good thing when he sees it.

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For details and a full-on look at our 2016 SXSW projects, check out As for the press coverage that we didn’t include here or that has still yet to be published…well, we have faith in your search-engine skills.