Revolutionizing Embedded Technology: Chaotic Moon Takes on Biowearables

27 Jul 2015

When you walk around Chaotic Moon, the smell of success is evident (#werethebest), but as of late, there’s been another distinct odor coming from a small tub full of murky liquid with a cellulose skin on the surface. One that’s aptly marked “BASE EXPERIMENT – DO NOT TOUCH.”

It’s not gross; it’s science. (Okay, and it’s kind of gross.) But primarily, the bucket—which contains green tea, sugar, water, SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and apple cider vinegar—represents the beginning stages of one of BASE’s most interesting endeavors to date.

Our team’s curiosity was piqued by the design and scientific efforts in Biocouture, where material used to craft unique-looking shirts, vests, dresses and other clothing is grown from a kombucha SCOBY. After the four weeks of “growing time” is complete, the cellulose that develops is dried and crafted into shapes. Biocouture involves turning this into clothing, while at Chaotic Moon, we’re taking it way, way further than fashion. For this experiment, we’re exploring how hardware can be integrated into wearables using environmentally friendly efforts that reach beyond technical research into the realm of the biological.

“We’ve long been conducting research and experiments regarding wearable tech and the possibilities of improving the environmental impact of PCBs, wires, and other electronic parts,” explained Chaotic Moon creative technologist Eric Schneider. “We were really interested in the concept of starting this project from nothing and literally growing the material that we’ll be using naturally.”

Essentially this small tub of cellulose simply represents a natural solution to a big—often ignored—problem and another interesting way our BASE team is attempting to make the world a better place through technology.

“It’s taking innovation further, which is our mantra and what Chaotic Moon is all about,” said Chaotic Moon CEO Ben Lamm. “We’re excited to create something organically that has serious potential to revolutionize wearable technology and the way we think about embedded tech as a whole.”

Stay tuned, kids.