Red Flaggers, Hackers and Outsiders Welcome

11 May 2016

John Frémont—Chaotic Moon CRO//Fjord Global Digital Product Lead//Accenture Interactive Managing Director—offers an inside look at CM’s hiring strategy and what, at the end of the day, really makes our studio awesome: the people.

There are a lot of factors that go into building a killer company, but there’s one of paramount importance that deserves elaboration, and that’s the hiring strategy. At Chaotic Moon, we don’t simply recruit qualified people who understand the company culture, but people that bring something extra to the table and help create it.

Our culture is defined by our most valuable asset and biggest source of pride: the band of brilliant, crazy creatives who research, develop and design here on a daily basis. But hiring those who enhance Chaotic Moon’s diverse, dynamic, hardworking and fun-loving culture doesn’t mean cultivating an army of identical employees who check the requisite boxes for education, background and interests.

Actually, we’ve discovered over the last five years that it’s exactly the opposite, and building a diverse team is a strategy that can benefit any company. When each employee is incredibly different, they each bring a unique perspective, and on any project, that results in a variety of completely different opinions, ideas and solutions. And to ensure talented and dynamic staff, it’s important to not simply assess skills, but to assess passions as well.

For example, every Chaotic Moon employee isn’t just the indisputable best at what they do between the hours of clocking in and clocking out. They also tend to have some sort of unique and all-encompassing side passion outside of work. Another skill they’re cultivating and another area where they’re excelling. And while talent and ability in the professional sense are clearly crucial, we find that these interesting hobbies also influence each individual’s thought processes and approach and make them better at their job. There are even studies with results that attest to the benefits of creative hobbies and the ways in which they positively influence employees’ performance at work, making them more helpful, collaborative and creative.  

This is an idea that’s epitomized by the dynamic individuals we’ve hired at Chaotic Moon:

Chaotic Moon’s first employee, our VP of Development Evangelism, has been producing electronic music since buying his first synthesizer back in the nineties, while one iOS developer plays upright bass.

One senior Chaotic Moon visual designer works on motorcycles and creates amazing fruit and soap carvings, while another senior production designer crashes hotel and apartment pools for her photography project, Poolhunting. One project manager is a New York Times bestselling comic book and video game writer, one makes artisanal bitters and another competes in Tough Mudders and is training to hopefully enter and appear on American Ninja Warrior. Meanwhile, a QA lead destroys it in the world of roller derby.

We’ve got jewelry makers, bakers, swing dancers, screenwriters, film directors, a puppeteer and a New Yorker cartoonist…yoga instructors, bar owners, and textile designers. People who are not only thriving at the office, but thriving in a completely different way outside of work. And it’s these combined passions and skills that allow us to be a company that’s truly one of a kind. We call ourselves a creative technology studio because we don’t have a designated “creative department.” Instead, creativity is a trait that’s embodied and exemplified by every individual at Chaotic Moon, in every aspect of their lives.

People ask what the key to Chaotic Moon’s success is, and it’s simple: the people. You can have all the money, technology and resources in the world, but you’ve got to invest in extraordinary talent—minds that think differently, think big, and strive to be the best. That’s the secret right there, and it’s a secret we don’t mind sharing.

Speaking of film directors, one of our very own made a video (above) about CM in his own time. Needless to say, we loved it. Check it out, then ask yourself if you got that special right-brain/left-brain mojo to join the Chaotic Moon team.