Project Sweet Tooth Needs You: Take This Survey to Help Chaotic Moon Help Diabetics

16 Jun 2015

CM_GlucoseMeter_FeaturedImage@2XOne of BASE’s  most exciting projects, “Sweet Tooth” is an endeavor inspired by a colleague who approached the BASE team with a two-part predicament: A diabetic, she needed to test her glucose frequently, but hated the hassle of lugging around a separate kit. The second issue had to do with transmitting her results, as existing, overly complicated kits presented difficult-to-read results, required manual connection to a mobile device, and only worked with a specific app. All of this made it extremely difficult to test as frequently as she should, to understand her test results, and to share information with her doctor if necessary.

To solve this problem—and strive to improve and simplify the lives of diabetics—the BASE and Strategy teams at Chaotic Moon Studios are researching the future of blood glucose monitoring and creating a system that seamlessly integrates into diabetics’ lives.

And we need your help.

To optimize the user experience, we are reaching out to those suffering from diabetes. If you or any of your friends and family live with diabetes, we’d love for you to take this 10-minute survey (or forward it on) for a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards!

With your help, the creative minds at Chaotic Moon Studios will be able to pioneer blood glucose monitoring and implement its seamless integration into the lives of diabetics.

Click here to take the survey now!