19 Jan 2016


We already discussed the future of O&G in SHALE magazine (you can read that here), but we recently dug a little deeper via a guest appearance by Chaotic Moon Chief Revenue Officer John Fremont at the inaugural State of Energy event in San Antonio, Texas.

For advice from Fremont and more, catch In The Oil Patch: Episode 44, the description for which is below:

This week on “In The Oil Patch”: host Kym Bolado and her co-host Alvin Bailey come straight to you live from the inaugural State of Energy event in San Antonio, Texas! The event was hosted by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and presented by SHALE Oil & Gas Business Magazine. Kym and Alvin offer some business insight and review most of the panelists’ opening remarks during the panel discussion throughout the podcast.

Our Master of Ceremonies, KSAT12’s Steve Spriester takes command of the room and helps the five panelists acquaint themselves with the audience. Halliburton’s Vice President, Paul Sheppard explains the importance of his company’s substantial investment in South San Antonio, giving reassurance to a weathered oil & gas industry. John Fremont, Chief Revenue Officer of Chaotic Moon gives us a rundown of the revolutionary ideas his company implements to the oil & gas industry through a combination of software and hardware solutions. Brandon Seale, the President of Howard Energy’s Mexico Division explains how you have to take things down to the molecular level in order to understand and change certain aspects of the industry in major ways. Tim Baer, Senior Manager, Eagle Ford Development for Encana brings his expertise to the discussion and explains how a Canadian-based company has migrated south in order to diversify their portfolio and help the Texas natural gas industry thrive. Last but definitely not least, Texas Senator Carlos I. Uresti talks about the communities he serves and how “oil is not a Democrat or Republican issue”, and he wants to make sure he demonstrates leadership and discretion for the benefit of the communities, the industry and for Texas.

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