10 Jun 2015

According to documents obtained by The Guardian, NASA is investigating ways to monitor commercial and civilian drones using cell phone towers, so we at Chaotic Moon Studios—of course—couldn’t help but do the opposite: research ways to beat the system.

“For a current project, we were experimenting with stealth design on our hexocopter already,” said Chaotic Moon creative technologist Matthew Murray. “Now we’re looking at how to counteract this tracking technology.”

So, using supplies on hand, we set to work creating an armor of sorts to protect our personal fleet of drones from the prying eyes (or in this case, waves) of Big Brother.

As it turns out, you probably don’t need special materials to, er, fly under the radar. For this experiment, the focus is simply on sharp angles, which will—in theory—deflect the waves emanating from the tower and prevent detection. And apparently the tough part isn’t building the variations of the armor, which can be done fairly easily with a 3D printer; it’s testing the armor’s effectiveness.

“This is a first pass of exploration, because we don’t know the exact technique they plan to use,” explained Murray. “We have to make our own tracking system to test it—that’s the main challenge. To beat the system, you have to recreate it.”

That said, we can’t (yet) provide you with the blueprint for wave-proofing your own drone, but—in true Chaotic Moon DIY fashion—we can say that, if you can put together a piece of IKEA furniture, you probably have the potential to create some pretty sweet stealth wear…

In fact, it would probably be considerably less infuriating.