15 Jun 2016
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We’re psyched to announce that this October we’re becoming one with FjordChaotic Moon exists to innovate and create. Envision and execute. Design and develop cutting-edge digital experiences that change the world. And there’s no better partner to do it with.

With the merging of Chaotic Moon and Fjord–what can only be described as the most amazing merger the world has ever seen…to put it mildly–brilliance and bravado meet world-class design and a worldwide presence. Innovation and provocation meet deep knowledge and industry understanding. The fast and furious meets the reputable and respected.

And the totally super modest meets the… well, you get the idea.

Check out the note below from Fjord’s Olof Schybergson and Baiju Shah. Incredible things coming this fall…


This autumn, we’re getting bigger and better by merging with Chaotic Moon, a world renowned creative technology studio transforming business for the world’s biggest brands by designing and delivering software products and digital experiences of consequence.

Chaotic Moon were acquired by Accenture Interactive last summer and are now becoming part of Fjord – which means we are adding two new studios to our roster. The teams in Austin and Dallas, Texas are doing some incredible, cutting-edge work as well as amazing experimentation (from Drones to Tech Tats). Bringing more than 100 designers, creative technologists and business thinkers to the mix, we have known from the start that they are a great, natural fit for us, and we look forward to integrating into one brand.

That said, the chaotic culture will not completely disappear and will live on in our brand new physical innovation labs Chaotic R&D. We’ve already been doing some great work together and John Fremont, Global Digital Product Lead and Group Director of Fjord Austin, will take the stage at Lions Innovation as part of the Fjord and Accenture Interactive team at this year’s Cannes Lions. He will be discussing the design, development and delivery of innovative digital projects and how to create amazing user experiences.

The Chaotic Moon team is bold and daring, smart and savvy and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them into the Fjord family. We have an amazing future ahead of us and we look forward to doing more great work together.