16 Aug 2016

Chaotic R&D, formerly Chaotic Moon Studios, is on the hunt for a new creative technologist to conceive and create insanely awesome inventions unlike any the world has ever seen. (It’s just what we do. Don’t believe us? Google it.)

This uniquely gifted individual—a tech unicorn of sorts—will have an equal affinity for building apps and using blowtorches; an equal knack for developing software and melding new, emerging technologies together to solve consumer and enterprise problems in the real world. This needle-in-a-haystack applicant will have an unparalleled ability to create crazy-brilliant, cutting-edge prototypes, and he or she will be able to code with one hand and customize circuit boards with the other—all during happy hour. (Just kidding about that last part… kind of.)

Basically, we’re looking for an innovator of all trades. You’ll work in a badass studio-slash-laboratory in downtown Austin, TX alongside fellow creative geniuses who not only compete to one-up each other with awesomeness but also collaborate to bring each other’s projects to fruition. Think you fit the bill? Odds are you don’t, but hey, we like to be surprised.

Check out a few of the coolest, craziest, most cutting-edge products to come out of Chaotic R&D, below. And if you think you’ve got what it takes? Well…prove it.

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A glimpse at a few of our most mind-blowing, headline-grabbing and world-changing (shall we go on?) projects:

Tech Tats

Tech Tats were our headline-grabbing exploration into the use of skin-mounted components and conductive paint to create circuitry that lives on the human body in the form of a tattoo that has the capability to collect, store, send and receive data. And, according to some, the mark of the beast. No publicity is bad publicity, right?


Wanna dance but don’t have the smoothest moves? Never fear! Döppeldancer utilizes a hi-res 3D scanner and cloud computing to create your 3D dancing double, allowing you to tear up the digital dance floor. After all, let’s be real: you still haven’t mastered the Macarena.


We created a proximity-sensing headband that is equipped with motors and uses haptic feedback to guide the user and help them navigate. Originally designed to help those with visual impairments, potential applications extend to the military and beyond. Plus, obviously, it looks really cool.


An awesome use of artificial intelligence, MockzyAI allows you to have a conversation with a celebrity, a famous historical figure or even, hypothetically, your deceased grandmother (may Grammy rest in peace).


Through gesture control, InVoc turns your smartwatch into a magic wand, allowing you to control your environment with the flick of your wrist. You want to listen to your music? Just get the fist pumping started early.


Think practically invisible pants-integrated technology that has the ability to recognize if your zipper is down and your button is closed and alert you via push notification on your phone, saving you major exposure and embarrassment. (Yes, we actually made “smarty pants.”)

Wheelchair Fitness Tracker

Despite the popularity of fitness tracking, one demographic was excluded: wheelchair users. Inspired by a coworker, we built the world’s first fitness tracker for wheelchair users. Because that’s how we roll.


We integrated tech into a traditional industry and changed up the grocery game with an autonomous shopping cart that can help you navigate the grocery store, find everything on your list, propose recipes and even allow you to bypass the checkout line. Oh, and BBC was a big fan.

Board of Awesomeness

Through innovation (and black magic), we created a mind-controlled skateboard. Because steering your board manually? What are you—a peasant?


C.U.P.I.D.—or Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone—was designed to raise awareness about tech that’s outpacing everything from regulatory agencies to social norms…using 80,000 volts. (Thinking of applying? Don’t let this dissuade you—we only tase interns.)

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