Going for the Gold: Chaotic Moon Beats Out Competition at Horizon Interactive Awards

05 Jun 2015
Horizon Award

We like to say that we’re the best, and apparently the judges at the 2014 Horizon Interactive Awards agree.

Chaotic Moon snagged gold in the Interactive/Museum Kiosk/Public Exhibit category of the competition for an innovative project dubbed The Ultimate Board Game.

“Enter the Gizmosphere” tests players’ Pong prowess in a futuristic reincarnation of the classic game. Armed with LED paddles, competitors digitally duke it out with a virtual ball in a 90-second battle to the death.

Okay, that’s a tad dramatic. But it does get pretty competitive.

The most amazing part of the digital experience is that it was pulled together entirely with off-the-shelf parts and powered solely by the GIZMO, a 4×4-inch, 20-volt APU board-running Linux.

Meaning, technically, you could make this at home…

You know, if technically, you’re a genius.

Check it out!