30 Sep 2015

One of our BASE team’s latest and greatest creations, Project Freewheel, was what we’d define a smash sensation, making headlines in the US and even going international and getting attention from French media outlets (attention that, as it’s in French, we’re just going to assume is incredibly positive). And the latest media outlet to shine the spotlight on the world’s first wheelchair fitness tracker? That would be Canada’s CBC Radio.

To recap, the inspiration for Freewheel came from Chaotic Moon Content Strategist Tyler Hively, who—when talking with his occupational therapist sister—realized there was no fitness tracking tool for wheelchair users and that this was a problem that required a solution. Hively then broached the topic with our BASE team. A few months later, a prototype was born…and history was made (cue triumphant music).

Recently Hively and Chaotic Moon Creative Technologist Matthew Murray, one of the brains behind Project Freewheel, appeared on CBC Radio’s Spark and gave Canadian listeners the low-down on the world’s first wheelchair tracker. And fortunately, you don’t have to head up north to listen.

Check out the interview on CBC’s site or listen here to learn even more about one of our most incredible creations…