Five Types of Tech To Help You Dominate the Fourth of July

03 Jul 2015

The Fourth of July: fireworks, flags…pie. Good stuff. Classic.

But this is Independence Day 2015, and we can’t help but feel that our founding fathers–the pioneers of patriotism–would be a bit disappointed in our lack of progression on the party front. (And not just politically speaking.)

That said, it’s time to embrace our tech options and celebrate the Fourth of July using all the awesome digital solutions at our disposal. Because while tradition is great, technology is better…

After all, let’s be real: If he had the option, Paul Revere totally would’ve texted “BTW the Brits r comin.”

1. Perfect Your Grill Game

While we appreciate the fact that you’re confident in your ability to cook meat to perfection, the victims of your barbecue bravado–those who’ve had the misfortune of biting into your rubbery rib-eye or frighteningly bloody burger–probably don’t. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Take the guesswork out of grilling with GrillTime, an app that gives you precise instructions and cooking times based on meat type and thickness, or the iGrill, which is a Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer. Either way, you’ll be freed up to socialize–and probably sparing your guests some serious gastrointestinal issues.

2. And Up Your Clean-Up Game

Once you’ve established yourself as bonafide barbecue royalty, you shouldn’t have to scrub down your own grill like a peasant–especially when there are robots to do that for you. (Seriously.) The Grillbot is basically a Roomba for your grill, and takes care of all the dirty work after your Fourth of July feast.

After all, you should be basking in pit pride and enjoying your food coma–definitely not cleaning.

3. Keep the Squirts Safe…

Water activities are practically synonymous with The Fourth of July, and along with the obvious fun, for parents of small children, there’s often an element of worry involved as well. Luckily, when it comes to keeping your kids safe in the water, there’s a wearable for that. Enter the iSwimband, a wearable drowning-detection headband that will alert a compatible Bluetooth device when the wearer enters the water or is underwater for too long, ensuring all aquatic activities are accident-free.

4. And Protect Your Pup

While topics of drowning and losing your dog are undeniably depressing, we’re touching on them because there’s power in preventative measures–and, naturally, there are apps for that. If Fido is scared of fireworks (and a ThunderShirt isn’t cutting it), be sure to download the ASPCA Mobile App in case the frightened pup bolts. Developed just in time for last year’s Independence Day, the interactive app is designed to help pet parents find their lost animals and get them back home, safe and sound, as soon as possible.

5. Stay Hydrated

We’re all aware that we’re supposed to drink plenty of water, and on a day like The Fourth of July (which is a marathon, not a sprint) it’s even more important to track how much H2O you’re downing. The Trago–“The World’s First Smart Water Bottle”–is here to simplify that tedious hydration process. The technology lies in the cap (also compatible with other water bottles), which keeps track of your water consumption and links to your phone, health apps and wearables. The only problem? The Trago is a Kickstarter project, so–while it did raise requisite funding–it won’t be ready for the holiday this year.

Fortunately, we have a feeling you’ll want to stay hydrated in 2016, too.

(If you want another way to make next year’s holiday even more epic–and probably increase the need for the aforementioned device–we suggest you check out Hank the Beer Tank’s Ultimate Portable Kegerator for Draft Beer Anywhere, a high-tech drinking device that’s still in need of funding to reach their goal. Do it for future you.)

6. Travel Smart

If you’re heading out of town this weekend, don’t fly (or drive) blind. Whether you’re in the market for a traffic-free route or just a clean bathroom, rest assured there’s a mobile solution. We recommend you check out Mashable’s list of travel apps to make your Fourth of July weekend even better.

All you have to do is pack the snacks.