Feeding the Bears

06 Feb 2015

We were excited to host Baylor’s University’s Film and Digital Media, and their Emerging Media Technologies students. The F&DM classes are designed to provide students with a broad-based understanding of this field, enabling them to become ethical, articulate, creative, and innovative leaders in media production, media management, and media studies. We had an opportunity to discuss with them what these issues mean in the actual work environment.  On the other hand, the Emerging Media Technologies class focuses on disruptive media technologies that are challenging traditional media industries and spawning new markets. Specifically, it is concerned with the relationships between technology, markets, culture and society-at-large. The focus also includes communication research methodologies and frameworks that can best inform us about the future of digital media and serve as methods of plotting likely future trajectories and provides strategies for predicting the interface between disruptive digital media technologies and the transformation of markets, culture and society…whatever all that means. Wait, did someone say “disruptive media?” That’s our middle name. Thanks for coming guys. Sic ’em BEARS!