Tumblr TV: GIFs Go Full-Screen…And We Kinda Did That Already

01 Jul 2015

Get ready to get your GIF on.

At the beginning of the month, it was reported that Tumblr would be launching a GIF search engine, and it was just announced that the site is introducing Tumblr TV, a GIF search engine of sorts that allow users to watch the top-trending GIFs in real-time on a full-screen platform.

Tumblr TV–which doesn’t require a Tumblr account– provides users the opportunity to create what could only be described as GIF television channels, on which GIFs play out automatically on a timed loop and viewers can pause, move forward and cycle back if desired. (Because sometimes, let’s be honest, you just need a little puppy action on repeat.)

The only thing missing from this GIF TV of sorts is a voice recognition factor, but…you know…we already did that.