03 Mar 2016

While we can’t reveal all the amazing projects that we’ll be premiering during SXSW, we CAN give you a look at the killer panels we’ll be putting on in conjunction with our BFFs at Accenture Interactive and Fjord.

Keep in mind though…it’s BYOB (bring your own badge).



The Future of Grocery Shopping

Chaotic Moon’s Eric Bee and Marc Boudria will demo the studio’s SmartestCart and use it as a launching point to discuss what the future of shopping could be and, on a larger level, how to create the best user experience possible.



Think Beyond the Screen: UX with Human UI

In your (inter)face! Chaotic Moon’s Greg Carley dives into the new way we must approach design. Think Human UI, where our movements, voice, thoughts, and more cause systems to respond to us through our environment. Say hello to screenless…and even invisible…interfaces.



Designing for Sh*t That Doesn’t Exist Yet

Emerging technology moves at the speed of innovation—and it’s in acceleration mode. But how do you design a user-centered experience for something that no one has used? Several minds from Chaotic Moon (Hawk Thompson, Tiffany Duening, Alyssa Peters and Steven Smith) will discuss strategies and ideas for blazing new trails in the nebulous world of future tech.


Getting Personal: The Customer Genome LIVE at SXSW

Let’s get personal! Join Accenture Global Lead for Personalization Jeriad Zoghby

and discover how YOUR South by Southwest activities, interactions and purchases (even those questionable food-truck tacos you bought at 2 a.m.) combine to create a fluid profile and form your SXSW customer genome!


Adventures in Digital!

An ever-evolving digital landscape is set to continuously shape and change life as we know it. Here, Accenture Interactive’s Anand Swaminathan will explore the exciting transformation of digital capabilities and the opportunity this provides us to reimagine the way the world works and lives.


Mars One: Humans on Mars in 2027

So you saw The Martian and think you want to live on the Red Planet? How convenient. Join Bas Lansdorp of Mars One to learn about this not-for-profit foundation’s ambitious, $6 billion plan to establish a permanent human establishment on Mars…

Yes, seriously.


2016 Top Trends: Service Design and Experience

What’s #trending in digital?  Drawing from Fjord’s Annual Trends report and insight and inspiration from industry experts, Accenture Interactive’s Tim Irvine will explain the 10 ideas destined to define and shape the next 12 months.


Car Shopping: The Final Frontier for Ecommerce

What’s driving the auto industry? From Uber and self-driving vehicles to car ownership and retail trends, Accenture’s Abram Sirignano will talk the innovation in the automotive industry and what to expect down the road. (And no…we’re totally not sorry about that pun.)

For more info on the panels taking place during the March 12th programming day at the Courtyard Marriott, click here!