05 Jun 2015
Chaotic Moon Base

Here at Chaotic Moon Studios, we love our drones—that’s no secret—but what people may not realize is the amount of constant testing and TLC drones require, especially when they’re custom-built six-rotor drones that we strap all sorts of gadgets to on a regular basis. Pushing the envelope of the payloads these drones can carry is something we’re constantly toying with at Chaotic Moon… and you better believe we crash them a LOT.

“No one talks about maintaining drones,” said Eric Bee, co-manager of Chaotic Moon’s R&D BASE projects,“but there’s constant calibration to ensure these buggers fly correctly. You can look at and treat it almost like an F1 car; we’re looking at all the systems working together at high speeds and we want passenger safety for whatever we’ve added to the drone this week.”

Here—in the prep stage of a confidential Chaotic Moon BASE project dubbed “Blue Eyes”—we take our recently rebuilt hexcopter (that’s a six-rotor drone) for a test flight in Austin’s Zilker Park.

There were, as expected, some technical challenges (a few rotors weren’t calibrated properly, while a problem with one prop threw off the entire machine), but overall the first flight was considered a success.

“The takeoff felt smooth and it actually worked better than we thought,” revealed Chaotic Moon creative technologist Matthew Murray. “This one worked better than the off-the-shelf pre-assembled quadcopter, which surprised us because we built this one, 3-D printing several of the parts ourselves.”

Stay tuned for more drone footage as we work on perfecting our fleet… and really sticking the landing.