Chaotic Moon’s Innovation Hub Gets Makeover From Design and Manufacturing

17 Jun 2015

Chaotic Moon is a one-of-a-kind company, and BASE is a one-of-a-kind department.

For that, we needed a one-of-a-kind space.

Given the enormous scope of projects on the roster for Chaotic Moon’s creative technologists, typical workspace furnishings and supplies from a hardware store wouldn’t do (and frankly, while certainly capable, we’re a little too busy creating mind-controlled skateboards and such to whittle the ideal workbench ourselves).

For our innovation lab, we needed a maker workbench that facilitated the array of projects going on inside it. Somewhere that was conducive to coding, 3D printing, soldering, drilling…where our creative technologists could collaborate and concentrate, build technology of consequence, work with clients, and work—often simultaneously—on creating both software and hardware solutions.

And build drones, naturally.

“Nothing off-the-shelf really spoke to us,” said BASE co-manager Eric Bee. “Right now, workbenches are built for people who just build things; desk setups for engineers are designed, you know, strictly for engineers. A creative technologist is a new, unique role. We needed something that met our very specific needs, that was also new and unique.”

So to create this space—which had previously only existed in Chaotic Moon imagination—we enlisted our friends at Design and Manufacturing (DSNMFG), whom we had previously worked with on endeavors like our (quite epic) SXSW party.

“A lot of shops could just build [something],” said Design and Manufacturing CEO Brian Simpson, “But we ideated with Chaotic Moon to build something completely custom—something Home Depot or Amazon doesn’t provide.”

What we at Chaotic Moon do in the digital space, DSNMFG does in the physical realm, generating ideas and then making them a reality. They don’t simply design or manufacture (hence the use of the word and in the company name); and—as their website claims—they’re “more than just talented lumbersexuals.” (Check out their impressive portfolio.)

“We position ourselves as thought leaders. We’re the idea guys…[and] we like to be in control of executing [an idea] all the way through,” Simpson said. “We’re a one-stop shop, but at the same time we’re not vanilla at everything we do—we’re not diluted.”

“That’s what makes this partnership with Chaotic Moon make so much sense,” he added.

For this endeavor, the BASE and Design and Manufacturing guys discussed needs, desires and logistics for their dream space, and DSNMFG got to work. The result of this particular partnership? A setup that will allow the BASE team to execute more efficiently and effectively than ever. (Catch a picture of the new makers workbench here!)

“It was a lot of put together pieces before, and now this is unified,” said DSNMFG design director Jed Taylor. “As a fellow and honorary BASE team member, I want to come build stuff here.”

As for the BASE team? They’re pretty stoked.

“It heightens productivity,” said creative technologist Eric Schneider. “Everything I want is at my fingertips. You know Iron Chef America? This is the kitchen arena equivalent for an innovation lab.”

Stay tuned to see what the BASE team cooks up next…