Chaotic Moon Hosts UT’s GAMMA Program Presentation

05 Dec 2014

We had a blast this week hosting The University of Texas at Austin’s Game and Mobile Media Applications (GAMMA) Program’s Capstone Post-Mortem. A total of six enthusiastic student-led development teams presented the games they created during the Fall 2014 semester at our downtown office on Wednesday, December 4th.

GAMMA is an innovative approach from traditional game dev approaches in that they triangulate students teams from UT’s Computer Science Department, College of Fine Arts and the University’s Radio-Television-Film Department. The combined teams developed 2D games over the span of 13 weeks. Utilizing the Unity game engine, the six teams—Transient Games, The Nerd Herd, Team Potato Lab, Team Awesome, The Meowstros, and Untitled_1—built six completely original 2D games, including a cooperative multiplayer deathmatch game, an endless runner game, a hack and slash game, and variety of puzzle games that utilized mechanics like color-coded powers, time manipulation, and doppelgangers.

“The idea of the Capstone course is for the students to experience what it is like to work inside the industry by joining together in diverse groups from different disciplines to develop digital games,” said Dr. Paul Toprac, Associate Director of the GAMMA Program. “The post-mortem is an event where they get to present not only their games, but their entire development cycle to local game industry professionals.”

Throughout the semester, we’ve had the chance to mentor the teams during the development process during Alpha and Beta playtesting milestones. It wasn’t until the post-mortem presentations that they were able to see the final products. “Compared to the early playtests, some of the games went through dramatic transformations,” said Omar Khan, Lead Unity Developer at Chaotic Moon. “I am always impressed how they take our user feedback to expand on their games, or in some cases, changing them completely.” In Spring 2015, Capstone students will move on to building 3D games, so we’re excited to see what’s next!