30 Jun 2015
Realsense Hackathon

Chaotic Moon Studios creative technologist Matthew Murray participated in an Intel RealSense Hacker Lab last week.

For the hackathon, Intel invited developers to experiment with their RealSense sensor, which assists in providing immersive experiences, and to come up with an innovative way to implement the technology. The devs were given a rundown of the sensor and its capabilities and then provided with the necessary code and given a day to come up with an original concept.

Murray’s idea? A smart gurney of sorts—in some ways similar to a Chaotic Moon endeavor known as the The Smarter Cart—that would fully and creatively take advantage of many aspects of the device. The gurney would utilize the sensor’s point cloud data to autonomously move to the area of the hospital where it was needed and avoid obstacles, while voice detection would allow doctors, orderlies and nurses to easily direct it, and the facial recognition–which features over 70 detection points on the face, resulting in incredible accuracy— would serve as a helpful measure for both patient identification and security purposes. To take it one step further, in Murray’s vision, the smart gurney would also use the RealSense’s ability to measure pulse, which—while it’s not yet FDA-approved—could hypothetically serve as an invaluable tool to automatically monitor patients on their gurney ride and allow hospital staff to easily keep tabs on them.

As for Murray’s overall opinion of Intel’s RealSense sensor? Pretty positive.

“It’s pretty straight-forward to use from a developer’s perspective,” Murray said. “It seems like an evolution of the webcam–a great tool that combines a lot of things into a better package and opens up a lot of possibilities that don’t exist with current comparable sensors.”

As for Intel’s opinion of Murray’s idea? Pretty positive.

He was awarded runner-up in the idea category out of about 40 other attending developers.