08 Jun 2016

While we usually spend our summer at band camp or in the Poconos or not leaving our air-conditioned homes and offices because this is Austin and it’s 100 degrees, this year we’re heading to France for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity!

This is a massive festival dedicated to creative inspiration, celebration, education and networking, and we’re joining forces with our friends and colleagues at Fjord and Accenture Interactive to take part in the Lions Innovation portion of the event (June 21-22). And how are we participating?

Well, since you asked…

Chaotic Moon speaker extraordinaire John Fremont is taking the idea of Invisible UI—exemplified by several of our SXSW projects, including Noti-FLY—international with his session Invisible UI: Transforming the Way We Think About Wearables. While we could explain the talk to you, we’ve found that copy and pasting the session description is far more efficient. And we’re all about efficiency. Here it is:

With technology evolving and IoT exploding, our world is becoming increasingly connected as we constantly search for better, more actionable data to improve our lives.

As a result, the wearables industry has grown rapidly, with new products hitting the market on a daily basis. With user’s expectations at an all-time high, product experiences need to be more streamlined and integrated than ever. The future of wearables isn’t wrists stacked with smartwatches and fitness trackers. Users don’t want cumbersome products and additional steps that add hassle and headaches. Instead, we should be seamlessly integrating technology into what we already have and what we’re already doing.

Chaotic Moon’s John Fremont will discuss the design, development and delivery of innovative digital products and how to create amazing user experiences in a connected world. He will draw upon current examples in the market as well as Chaotic Moon’s own foray into “Invisible UI” featuring UnderCurrents, smart scrubs that “nudge” the wearer via integrated LEDs and motors, and Invōc, which implements Android Wear and gestural technology.

Solid, right? Fremont will be one of three speakers from Accenture, and his session is scheduled for the Discovery Stage on Tuesday, June 21st at 12:30 (CET). If you happen to be in France, put that one on your schedule. (It’ll be in English, for the record.)

But wait—there’s more!

Remember our SXSW sensation, Döppeldancer? Well we turned up the tech and created a more advanced, more awesome version that’s going to knock the French off their (probably extremely well-shoed) feet!.Introducing iCannesDance, an on-site activation that will be on display at the festival (June 21 – 22, 9am – 6:30pm at Lions Innovation, Pod 11-12). This installation features a cutting-edge combination of technologies to generate the user’s exact likeness in avatar form. After that, users simply log onto the app, where they can equip their avatar with a selection of awesome digital dancing animations and—using their phone’s camera—overlay their 3D dancing double in front of any location in Cannes, capture the video and share it online. The result? What can only be called the world’s ultimate selfie. (To find out more, check out what Accenture Interactive has to say.)

In this case, it takes tech to tango.