Chaotic Moon and adidas Push Developers’ Limits

08 Dec 2014

In just 6 weeks, we helped accelerate Adidas technology in preparation for the recently announced Google Fit Developer Challenge. A challenge for a challenge? Count us in. Adidas paired up with Google here to promote its pro-level fitness trackers, the X_CELL and SPEED_CELL, as developers compete to build modern apps that integrate with Google Fit.

Adidas challenged us to come up with a solution that would enable developers to build innovative apps that utilize Adidas custom data types, extending the technology far beyond boring old heart rate monitors and step counters. Our development team combined Adidas software, Adidas hardware, Google Fit technology, and Android development techniques to offer developers a straightforward system that’s ready for code right out of the box.

Our team utilized the existing Adidas miCoach MultiSport app as an integration point for data sharing and architected a simple data flow to seamlessly integrate the custom app with both Adidas and Google Fit. Now, invited developers can work directly with the beta version of the Adidas MultiSport app to get their ideas and data flowing.

We also worked directly with the Google Fit development team to define custom Adidas data types: hustle, jump height, and quickness. This firsthand involvement allowed our developers to aid Google in resolving bugs discovered in the Google Fit APIs, which came to light as we pushed the limits of the tech. Hey, everyone makes mistakes, Google.

Along with setting up the development ecosystem, we created a functional sample app and comprehensive developer guide to ensure challenge competitors don’t face any roadblocks when integrating with Adidas. We know Android developers are smart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want some beautiful step-by-step instructions too.

Together with Adidas and Google Fit, we’ve empowered developers to push the limits on their innovation or, as Adidas likes to say, to “unleash their best.” We’re excited to have been part of this challenge because we know a healthy lifestyle consists of working hard, staying active, and gadgets—lots of gadgets.

Get involved developing your Google Fit integrated app at this link:

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