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  Virtual reality— It’s a term that’s being thrown around constantly these days, as the technology (or basic forms of it, at least) becomes more and more prevalent. And it’s not just a buzzed-about topic at tech-centric events like CES or an experience available only to those with +$600 laying... Read The Article
Yesterday, the Austin American-Statesman published an article on virtual reality by writer Omar L. Gallaga, featuring some insight from Chaotic Moon CEO Ben Lamm.  But just a quote or two really wasn’t enough. So they published a whole interview, too. Head over to the Statesman’s tech blog and read the interview there (also courtesy of... Read The Article
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While reality is great, let’s be honest: Virtual reality is way, way cooler. And it’s becoming more accessible than ever. YouTube launched 360-degree virtual reality videos and a virtual movie theater ; you can experience the news in virtual reality thanks to Google Cardboard and the New York Times; and Sundance is joining forces... Read The Article
After writing about developing for the Apple TV here …and here…and, well, here…we thought it’d be a good idea to switch gears on the dev front and tackle the virtual-reality device known as the HTC Vive. Here, Chaotic Moon Lead Unity Developer Omar Khan presents some solid info and breaks down some... Read The Article