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Whether we’re yelling at the Echo to give us the traffic report and turn on Justin Beiber (don’t worry—Alexa is sworn to secrecy), changing the temperature of our home from the office (Fido will be FINE at 80 degrees, okay?) or getting a push notification on our phone letting us... Read The Article
It’s been over a month since SXSW 2016 concluded, and…well…we miss it. That’s why—as you’ve probably noticed—we’re revisiting all of the epic projects we showed off to the world back in March. The press already had the opp to test out and write about some of the amazing things we cooked up in... Read The Article
What if we told you we could read your mind? You’d probably think we were messing with you…which, yeah, is a fair assumption. But believe it or not, this is totally possible, and one of our SXSW projects, Lari—featured in Engadget and Fortune—demonstrates how… QUICK LOOK When you think of words,... Read The Article
Sentiri first made its debut in the fall (thanks, Engadget!), but this SXSW we broke out our haptic headband again to show the press–and, dun-dun-dun, the WORLD–what we’re working with. So…we’ll just leave this here. QUICK LOOK A new way to navigate! Experience this groundbreaking, proximity-sensing headband, which uses haptic... Read The Article