Last week, we touched on virtual reality in sports and how—for players and fans—VR could totally change the game. But when it comes to infusing technology into one of America’s primary pastimes, it’s not just about altering the way spectators watch the game and athletes relive it. Using artificial intelligence,... Read The Article
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  Virtual reality— It’s a term that’s being thrown around constantly these days, as the technology (or basic forms of it, at least) becomes more and more prevalent. And it’s not just a buzzed-about topic at tech-centric events like CES or an experience available only to those with +$600 laying... Read The Article
  “Thats a wrap! We owned SXSW.” For those who came to celebrate SXSW with us, thanks! For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a brief recap of our killer projects and our epic annual party. (Click here to view our party) GET RIPPED, DIE MINING Fitcoin Only two things... Read The Article