It seems like just yesterday we were presenting you with a selection of awesome panels for SXSW 2016. Turns out it was actually a year ago. Fancy that. So even though it seems like we just wrapped up the madness that was last South By South West–which included nine never-seen-before... Read The Article
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OCTOBER 13TH: Have plans? Cancel ’em. Come catch our EVP of Technology, C.K. Sample III, talk at the Emerging Digital Technologies Showcase & Luncheon in Dallas. We’re sure that conference call…or your kid’s birthday party…can wait. Priorities, you know?
One of our BASE team’s latest and greatest creations, Project Freewheel, was what we’d define a smash sensation, making headlines in the US and even going international and getting attention from French media outlets (attention that, as it’s in French, we’re just going to assume is incredibly positive). And the latest media outlet to... Read The Article
Some may dub the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year (there’s a song and everything…Google it), but here at Chaotic Moon, we’re all about the epicness that is SXSW Interactive! Technically, the event doesn’t take place until next March, but the good people of South By Southwest like... Read The Article