We’re in the business of making cool companies even cooler, and our latest endeavor for multinational tech behemoth Cisco is no exception. Here’s what went down: Cisco Spark wanted to promote their new communication app, and find a way to proliferate its use amongst the members of the Cisco network and... Read The Article
Here, Chaotic Moon Studios senior iOS architect Jason Job takes the Chaos Theory helm and steers developers towards a world of cleaner code and improved education through peer-review… A pull request in BitBucket or GitHub is a way for a developer to request that another developer review and merge a source git repository into a destination git... Read The Article
In case you were living under a rock, we feel the need to inform you that last week was WWDC. (Actually, if you were a developer, you probably still would’ve engineered some way to keep track of the action whilst under said rock.) We already wrote a brief takeaway on... Read The Article
There's a question that gets asked over and over about mobile development and won't seem to die, "Should I go for a native app or a mobile web one?"