Austin: So much to do and so little time—especially during SXSW. But while there are a ton of awesome panels and programs (oh hey, including ours) to attend and, obviously, plenty of parties to keep you busy, it would be criminal to come all the way to ATX and miss out... Read The Article
While we can’t reveal all the amazing projects that we’ll be premiering during SXSW, we CAN give you a look at the killer panels we’ll be putting on in conjunction with our BFFs at Accenture Interactive and Fjord. Keep in mind though…it’s BYOB (bring your own badge).   MARCH 12TH,... Read The Article
From shaping the way we shop online (Why, yes I AM interested in that waffle maker, Amazon!) to determining our next disastrous date (NOT OK, Cupid), the role algorithms play in our lives continues to grow as tech progresses. But along with affecting our consumer experience, social lives and…well, everything... Read The Article
Last week, we touched on virtual reality in sports and how—for players and fans—VR could totally change the game. But when it comes to infusing technology into one of America’s primary pastimes, it’s not just about altering the way spectators watch the game and athletes relive it. Using artificial intelligence,... Read The Article