Many hoteliers worry last-minute deal apps are re-training customers to stop booking early in hopes of getting a better deal, both tarnishing their brand and making it nearly impossible for them to forecast resources for the future. However, what hoteliers need to keep in mind is that these bargain hunters are a different category of customer altogether, and rarely overlap with their "brand loyal" base.
Citing a survey of IT executives representing more than 255 airports, airport technology group SITA reports that passenger processing technology was listed as a global priority through 2016, and much of it involves passenger-empowering smartphone tools. So it’s a no brainer that keeping travelers informed of flight data should rank high in terms of mobile investments.
For hoteliers the world over, traditional loyalty programs are failing to secure a following among choosy younger travelers, which begs the question: What else they can do? The answer, according to some, may still lie in loyalty programs — pending a successful transition into the digital age.
With Wi-Fi at sea becoming cheaper and smart devices becoming pervasive across all age groups and cultures, cruise lines have a growing porthole of opportunity to provide passengers with a new kind of luxury — the digital kind.