Chaotic Moon creative technologist Eric Schneider doesn’t like the term STEM. The acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), he claimed, lacks an important aspect. It should be STEAM, because an absolutely crucial–and often overlooked–discipline and element of everything is Art. And BASE’s Project Sweet Tooth is no exception. The endeavor–which seeks to revolutionize blood glucose monitoring... Read The Article
Few fields exemplify technological dichotomy like that of healthcare. On one hand, the industry is cutting-edge, an incredibly innovative space in which long-elusive cures are discovered and robot-assisted surgeries performed. Then there are the more antiquated aspects of the industry and the fact that—in an age where we can video... Read The Article
We get it. You don’t have time. You don’t know where to start. Queso is delicious—especially in Austin, Texas. House of Cards isn’t going to watch itself. Here are some technologies that break down all your excuses for movin’ it! 1. Wearables Arguably the hottest new piece of fitness equipment, activity... Read The Article