In the November/December 2015 issue of SHALE Oil & Gas Magazine, Chaotic Moon CEO and Managing Director of Accenture Interactive Ben Lamm wrote a pretty sweet article on the future of O&G. Read the piece below, and then click here to check out the entire issue… You know the drill. THE FUTURE... Read The Article
Despite the economic downturn, this year’s OTC conference was another one for the record books, as attendance was up and more global than ever (1). As expected, all the latest and greatest O&G technology was on display, including an actual full-size submarine (2). Much of this year’s buzz centered on... Read The Article
By Marc Boudria The Oil & Gas Industry is experiencing a recent boom.  Domestic oil fields are pumping the most oil since 1986, and the industry could add 2-4% to the annual GDP by 2020.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its problems.  But we have the answers.  Or answer, rather.... Read The Article
The oil and gas industry has a youth problem. It’s being run by a generation that’s getting ready to exit the workforce, which in itself isn’t the trouble—experience leads to wisdom, after all. But the industry is dated in other, more important ways. When young employees come in, they find... Read The Article