We’re in the business of making cool companies even cooler, and our latest endeavor for multinational tech behemoth Cisco is no exception. Here’s what went down: Cisco Spark wanted to promote their new communication app, and find a way to proliferate its use amongst the members of the Cisco network and... Read The Article
It’s a Friday night at 2 a.m. Bars are closed, your pick-up lines have been rejected (evidently increased Lone Star consumption has an inverse effect on your charm), and at this point, you just want to go home, eat some Captain Crunch, and bid your pants goodbye. You get on... Read The Article
There’s no “I” in team, but now, more than ever, there’s a UI, as companies are taking advantage of an era where the Internet lives in everyone’s pocket, implementing apps and basing their business models on the concept of connectivity and the idea that anyone with a smartphone can contribute... Read The Article
We’ve gotten a lot of love for one of our most recent innovations, Tech Tats, with coverage from hundreds of outlets worldwide, including Wired, TechCrunch and even ELLE.  (We’re not that surprised. It’s a pretty awesome project.) And the latest media powerhouse to jump on the story? That would be Newsweek. Catch the article below or click... Read The Article