Sentiri first made its debut in the fall (thanks, Engadget!), but this SXSW we broke out our haptic headband again to show the press–and, dun-dun-dun, the WORLD–what we’re working with. So…we’ll just leave this here. QUICK LOOK A new way to navigate! Experience this groundbreaking, proximity-sensing headband, which uses haptic... Read The Article
One concept we were really focusing on this SXSW was that of Invisible UI. This was not only an idea that was brought to life in the form of Noti-FLY—tech-infused pants equipped with the ability to send you a push notification when your zipper is down—but also our “smart scrubs” of sorts, UnderCurrents. ... Read The Article
When we weren’t exploring the idea of Invisible UI (and embarrassment prevention) through Noti-FLY or starting a digital dance party with Döppeldancer this SXSW, we were exploring gestural control through Invoc. What’s that? Funny you asked… QUICK LOOK It’s all in the wrist! InVōc implements an Android Wear watch and gesture control, giving you... Read The Article
During SXSW, we debuted some pretty sweet projects… That you probably didn’t see. Sorry about that. But now here’s your chance to get a glimpse into the studio and the projects our R&D team slaved over (just metaphorically—it was paid labor, we promise) for months. Here, one of our most lighthearted…but... Read The Article