While the press got the opportunity to check out our SXSW projects in all their glory, we realize that you–our DEVOTED READERS AND TOTALLY DIE-HARD FANS–probably didn’t. But have no fear! We’ll be spotlighting our SXSW projects for your reading/watching/learning pleasure…because we care. First up: Döppeldancer. QUICK LOOK Fürst ve... Read The Article
Austin: So much to do and so little time—especially during SXSW. But while there are a ton of awesome panels and programs (oh hey, including ours) to attend and, obviously, plenty of parties to keep you busy, it would be criminal to come all the way to ATX and miss out... Read The Article
We recently did a post describing the awesome possibilities of our new transparent LCD screen, and while we provided a lot of examples for how it could be used, we weren’t able to really illustrate its full potential via words. In other words, we only did the “tell” portion of... Read The Article
We recently announced that we’d won a W³ Award for our Pizza Hut Interactive Concept Table, and in this edition of Chaotic Moon award-oriented blog posts, we’re excited to announce that we also won a silver W³ award for what we’ve dubbed the ULTIMATE board game: Enter the Gizmosphere! Not familiar with this killer creation? No problem.... Read The Article