BOOM! Cisco Launches CM-Powered Game Inside Chat App

18 Feb 2016

We’re in the business of making cool companies even cooler, and our latest endeavor for multinational tech behemoth Cisco is no exception.

Here’s what went down: Cisco Spark wanted to promote their new communication app, and find a way to proliferate its use amongst the members of the Cisco network and to really engage users. So to accomplish thisand demonstrate Spark’s superiority to comparable appswe opted to do the unexpected.

“We decided, hey, let’s make something badass that you wouldn’t expect to find in a chat app,” says Chaotic Moon’s Isaiah Same, the creative director on the project, “so we came up with the idea of building a game inside of the app.”

To do this, the team took a classic game, Conway’s Game of Life, and turned up the volume by taking the basic premise, integrating it into Spark, and making it multi-player—and, of course, way more awesome.

“We built the game as an innovative way to showcase the features of Spark,” explains Same, “and to serve as a platform where new features of the app can be integrated in the future.”

In other words, we took a communication platform and added a gaming element that is powered by the native features of the chat app to create an experience that’s fun, engaging and interactive. And, to pay homage to Conway’s original concept, we dubbed it Game of Life. 

“It’s been a lot of fun watching people play this game—the product of a true team effort between us and the Spark team—for the first time,” said  CM Software Architect, Christian Primozich. “We’re psyched to see that the Spark Game of Life is helping new audiences come to love Spark as well as its powerful APIs.  Also, we know developers appreciate a little nerdy flair, so an old-school gaming interface was a surefire way to stop traffic.”

Now, we could go on and tell you more about the game, but really, we suggest you try it for yourself. And if you happen to be in Berlinhey, good news!you totally can. Chaotic Moon will debuting the game on site at Cisco Live, where attendees not only have the chance to try it out, but to meet Same and a few of the other Chaotic Moon team members behind the project: Christian Primozich, software architect; Jenna Johnson, QA lead; and Vivek Goel, project manager.

Oh, and CM senior motion designer, Bradley Dugdale Jr. Jr., will be on site documenting the event, so stay tuned for coverage…and, hey, smile for the camera.