Listen Now: User-Centered Software is Revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry

20 Jul 2015

It’s no surprise that ever-evolving technology has the ability to completely transform industries, and we’re not shy about constantly preaching that it’s crucial for companies to become early adaptors if they want to keep up with the competition. It’s not simply a matter of thriving; it’s a matter of surviving. However, many companies still drag their feet making the transition from old, outdated methods and software to new, innovative tech that’s effective—often simply out of fear of the unfamiliar. This is a particular problem in oil and gas.

As this white paper states, a case can surely be made that two of the biggest challenges facing the O&G industry today are improving time to productivity by reducing training time and the need to attract and retain new talent as an aging workforce retires and a surge of smart, tech-savvy millennials—who are used to having the most advanced software at their disposal and often refuse to settle for less—enter the workforce.

Basically: cutting-edge, user-centered software, is a solution that allows companies to recruit the best talent, save time and money, and reach (or remain at) the top of their industry.

You can find more info about that, and more, via the recording above.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly literate, you could just read the white paper here. Show-off.