Chaotic R&D, formerly Chaotic Moon Studios, is on the hunt for a new creative technologist to conceive and create insanely awesome inventions unlike any the world has ever seen. (It’s just what we do. Don’t believe us? Google it.) This uniquely gifted individual—a tech unicorn of sorts—will have an equal... Read The Article
It seems like just yesterday we were presenting you with a selection of awesome panels for SXSW 2016. Turns out it was actually a year ago. Fancy that. So even though it seems like we just wrapped up the madness that was last South By South West–which included nine never-seen-before... Read The Article
We’re not shy about our belief that VR is the future, and—as time passes and the tech progresses—it’s continuously evolving into a bigger and bigger part of our present. For those not versed in virtual reality and its countless applications, it’s important to note that VR isn’t just for gaming (though we have made... Read The Article
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We announced last week that we’re becoming one with Fjord in the fall, but we’ve already begun working closely with them–in fact, the amazing work we showcased this week at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity was a byproduct of our teams’ close collaboration. That being said, since we’re practically BFFs at this... Read The Article