A Quick Look Back at 2012

4 January

Before we get too far into this brand spanking new year, we want to take just a moment to do something you all *also* should do at this time of year:

Talk about how awesome we were last year!

But really, there was some massively amazing stuff that came out of Chaotic Moon last year, on all fronts, so without further adieu, here were some of the groovy highlights:

Whurley’s imagination, Phil’s brain power, a threatening letter from Microsoft’s legal department, and a bunch of moving parts…what could go wrong?!

Nothing, as it turned out. In fact, the Board of Awesomeness was hailed as one of the Hightlights of CES by Wired Magazine, and along with its successor, the Board of Imagination, was featured on dozens of TV shows across the world, and countless online and print publications. Additionally, the sister project, The Smarter Cart™ created its own set of rad tracks when Whole Foods decided to partner with Chaotic Moon to make the shopping cart of the future. Even Stephen Fry got in on the shopping cart action, flying the team and cart to the UK to be featured in an episode of his latest show, Gadget Man.


Up next, a quick highlight of some of the amazing apps we produced this year. Apps are like your children: they’re “all your favorites!” We don’t always get to brag about everything we build (damn lawyers) but here are a few of the ones we can show off about and of which, like our collective 5-year-olds “graduating” kindergarten, we’re exceptionally proud. (And you can see pictures of all of our “kids” here!)

Finding Nemo
We helped bring one of Disney Pixar’s beloved films to interactive life on iOS, with the Finding Nemo Storybook Deluxe (on sale now for only $2.99 on the iTunes App Store)! There’s so much fun in this app for all ages, but everyone’s favorite feature is learning to speak whale with Dory. WHEEEEEEEEE hoooooooooooope YOOOOOOOUUUUUU llllIIIIIIIIIKKKKE iiiiiiiiittt TUUUUUUUUU!!!

BET 2012 Awards App and BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 App
Take one helping of Chaotic Moon, add Samuel L. Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Chris Brown, and millions of viewers across the country, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the ground-breaking app we made for the 2012 BET Awards. The show itself is so legendary and amazing that the app experience had to be a homerun just to break even, and it held its own: users were able to create interactive lineups for the show, win tickets and other prizes, as well as get real-time updates during the show while enjoying a treasure trove of amazing HD content from the archives! Additionally, the BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 app gave users access to real-time scoring as nominees hit the stage, as well as exclusive ability to vote for Best Hip Hop Site, People’s Champ, and other awards.

After we successfully steered the app to stabile awesomeness in the first season, FOX brought us back for more, just in time for X Factor Season Two. This app is loaded with fun for the millions of people_cpt who watch the show. We especially loved the live syncing with the show, and the Verizon LiveView feature, which allowed fans to browse behind the scenes with a user-controlled, backstage camera.

Starbucks Android
When the world’s coffee giant teams up with the worlds best mobile shop, what do you get? A great new Android app for Starbucks customers and rewards members, featuring all the goodness you could want to find the closest store, track your rewards, and share good coffee with friends.

When FOX wanted to give viewers a better way to connect and stay involved in their favorite shows, it turned once again to Chaotic Moon. We crafted a beautiful interactive experience for TV enthusiasts to get more content and behind-the-scenes access for the amazing family of FOX shows, from Glee and New Girl, to Family Guy and The Simpsons. In fact, the app is so cutting-edge, it actually *learns* your preferred viewing habits to give you better and MORE content. Grab it today!

Falling Skies: 2nd Mass Defense
TNT’s Falling Skies Season Two found viewers joining the battle, with an amazing new augmented reality game we concocted with the show’s creators. Think you’re safe and sound all snuggled up on your couch just *watching* the show? Well, think again, buster: better grab your phone, find some cover, and take aim!

Hello Kitty Picnic, Nintendo 3DS
This was a great bonus “app”: our first-ever Nintendo game—whoo-hoo! Kids of all ages can join Hello Kitty, Chococat, Badtz Maru, Kuririn and more to play mini-games with friends, dress up their characters, and unlock special items and extra goodies. Available on Amazon and other fine retail establishments.


2012 was not a bad year for press_cpt, not in the slightest. (For starters, we stayed out of rehab, and had no on-stage meltdowns in front of millions of fans.) Turns out, this whole ‘mobile’ thing isn’t going away anytime soon, and a number of exceptional media outlets continue to turn to Chaotic Moon for expert advice, opinions, and a look into the future of mobile and tech. From Forbes and Entrepreneur, to Inc. and Popular Science, hardly a week went by without our moms sending us newspaper clippings. (She’s so proud!) Additionally, from SXSW in Austin and Future Insights in Vegas, to Gartner Symposium on Australia’s Gold Coast and the Sheika Salama Bint Hamdan al Nahyan Foundation in Abu Dhabi, it was a busy year for our speaking schedules, flying across the country and the world to share our love of all things mobile, and our thoughts on what’s next.

So what is next for Chaotic Moon in 2013?

Only more of the same: more exceptional design, more cutting-edge technology, more interactive excellence, more mobile dominance, more cameras and microphones in our faces, more of the good stuff you love.

More awesomeness.

Seriously, we’re not just playing games when we say that we’ve got some big news about [REDACTED] about to hit the fan. And right after you’re done putting your socks back on after they get blown off when that little gem goes public, we’re going to barrel you over with…well, let’s just say our lawyers will murder us if we tell you any more about it right now.

So stay tuned.